Treasure Valley Cities- What They Each Have to Offer

Idaho sits  atop the list for growing states. This is due to broad swaths of private land still available and for sale. The northern and central reaches of Idaho are attractive for home buyers, but it is the capital southern region that truly peaks interests. The following cities are essential in any search for an affordable and attractive home nestled in the heart of what locals affectionately deem the “Treasure Valley”.


Boise: The City of Trees

If you buy property in Idaho’s capital, you should adopt the proper way of saying its name. It’s “boy-see,” not “boy-zee.” This city has experienced a huge urban revitalization in the past few decades. This is primarily due to the interest that people relocating from places like the California bays and the east coast have taken in it. Boise is nestled within several mountain ranges, is home to Boise State University, and is home to the finest infrastructural features in Idaho. This city is considered the only truly metropolitan enclave in the 7th largest state in the country.


Nampa: Farm-to-Fortune

Nampa was once a small farming community, but it now part of the Boise metro area. It has a sprawling urban atmosphere that is capped with an artistic vibe. Northwest Nazarene University provides a strong influence from an eager youthful demographic. Along Nampa’s major roadways, massive shopping districts cater to a changing population. Real estate potential near this city includes private ranches and river properties, but continues to grow a thriving suburban community.


Meridian: A Tech Hub

Worldwide, this city is best known as the home of businesses like If a person is interested in starting a small business, while buying a home in Idaho, this is a premier location. Meridian is home to some of the most advanced tech facilities in Idaho and is completely business-friendly.


Caldwell: Rural and Urban Fusion

J.R. Simplot, the “potato king” who made Idaho famous for producing this tuber during WWII. He operated his biggest farms just outside of Caldwell. This city is still a farming center, but attracts people who seek a vibrant life. The College of Idaho is located here. It annually produces some of the highest-achieving students in the nation. It also has a real estate market that is rife with rich land that is perfect for working ranches, or prime estate land. Unlike some college towns, Caldwell is full of friendly people who love the opportunity to form friendships with new neighbors.


Eagle: Environmental Perfection

Just outside of Boise is Eagle. This city of 27,000 is recognized for its temperate climate and wonderful recreational opportunities. People living in Eagle are afforded comfortable summers, and temperate winters with perks. The area offers access to whitewater rafting, fishing, hunting, and off-roading unlike any in the country.


Star: It’s Home!

Star promotes itself as one of the most family-friendly suburbs in the Boise metropolitan area. According to the 2010 US Census, nearly 50 percent of the households in this city have minor children. This is extraordinary in a city with a median age of 32.2 years. It’s even more extraordinary because the property ownership opportunities range from multi-unit housing, to large acreage estates near pristine public lands. Star is a city that exemplifies what suburban opportunity in America is supposed to look like.

Kuna: End of the Trail

With other Idaho cities, it is important to pronounce this city’s name correctly. Instead of “koo-nah,” it should be pronounced as “kyoo-nah.” This was an important railway stop for travelers to Boise in Idaho’s early days. It was considered the “end of the line” because it was a frontier byway. Some historians say that the name Kuna is more appropriately translated in the Shoshone language as “green leaf, good smoke.” That is for historians to decide. Still, Kuna is a prime location for new Idaho residents and property investors because it offers unique access to the Snake River region. It is unparalleled for beauty in the entire Snake River Valley.

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